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WANDA VISION launch tomorrow with 2 new episodes - Final Launch EVENT

Wanda Vision hits Disney+ tomorrow and it all starts with 2 new episode, this is Marvel first series coming to Disney+. The star of the series Elizabeth Olsen have spoken enthusiastically regarding the series along with her Co-Star Paul Bethany. 2020 was a long break for all marvel fan and after Avengers ENDGAME, Marvel as started a new phase focusing more on MCU Series and not just the movies. The Black Widow movie was schedule for Early 2020 and due to Corona, the movie was delayed multiple times and fans have had to live without Marvel movies for over 1 years and it's been a very long time since MCU fans have gone this long with any MCU movies.

Marvel Wanda Vision Special Site Page

Do your self a favour and check out the latest trailer below, Watch this Wanda Vison trailer before you start streaming the series tomorrow and watch out for all the easter eggs and teases, it's all worth it.

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