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The Galaxy S21 is hare - The Official Unboxing

Take a look at this amazing unboxing by Samsung of the Galaxy S21, Samsung wants to start the year big and with its new phone making way in the smart phone world. The entire box seems to be very slim suggesting it won't come with a power brick and instead relies of past customer holding an old power brick in their procession. With that in mind it appears that Samsung is taking the same direction/trend that Apple started and once again Apple is leading the way in removing something that would seem essential and somehow proving it's not as essential as we thought it was, Apple started this trend by removing the headphone jack and now its the Power brick. Samsung was once the company who lead the way in Smartphone innovation starting with large phones such as the Galaxy S3 and a few years later Samsung released the Note Edge, but not Samsung seems to be the ones who have to catch up to Apple instead of creating something completely new.

Everyone is guessing what might be next to go permanently.

So take a look for your self,

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